Monday, August 20, 2012

A Piece of Cake

I recently celebrated my birthday, which was the perfect time to try out this one particular bento tool which I bought a few months ago. It is a mold to shape rice to look like a slice of cake. I ended up making 8 slices to make one whole "cake" ;D


It took a while to complete, but it wasn't very hard to do. What's more is that I only used 1 bento tool :)

The cake is made of:
- Jasmine rice.
- Pink fish denbu.
- Cucumber, carrot, raspberry and cheese stick as decorations.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A bunch of ideas

040812 My daughter loves grapes (and many other fruits!)

Made of:
- Plain bread with sweet potato jam, cut into circles.
- Green apple "leaves".
- Licorice as the stem.

I have got a bunch of ideas that I want to make into bentos, but this month particularly is not the ideal month to be active in the kitchen ;D But I will (must!) try to materialise at least two by the end of August. Stay tune!

3D Marie Cat


I am back! I have not been making any fancy bentos for one and a half months as I was on a holiday. And maannn, I feel like a total newbie again! I think I lost my artsy-fartsy ideas and skills during the vacation LoL. My hands were shaking the whole time I was doing this. Cry!