Sunday, September 30, 2012

B is for Bento

This is such a popular theme to make into a bento, and I have seen so many. Recently, I saw one done by Mommy Kiki Can! who did one with a blackboard :D It was so cute, I wished I had come with the idea myself  >.< Needless to say, I copied it... LOL! I also need to credit Bento School Lunches as I got the idea for the writing pad from her bento. Thank you ladies for the inspirations!!!


I came up with the idea of a stack of books MYSELF!! *pat on the back*

Alphabet baran as 'classroom posters' 

The writing pad is made of:
- White rice
- Strands of vermicelli dipped in blue food-dye
- Crab stick
- Alphabet pasta dipped in black food-dye

The pencil is made of:
- A sausage cut at one end to look like a pencil and covered with a tiny piece of nori
- Egg sheet
- Pink kamaboko as the eraser

The blackboard is made of:
- A cookie
- Nori
- Cheese letters

The book is made of:
- White kamaboko
- Egg sheet

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Chef Aleesya

My daughter did some baking yesterday, so I thought it was only appropriate to make her a bento which portrays her as a chef. She loved it <3 Score!


The chef is made of:
- White rice mixed with some sweet soya sauce for the face, nori for the hair and facial details, pink kamaboko for the cheeks.
- White rice for the uniform, white kamaboko for the buttons and hat.
- Crab stick for the scarf.

The pan is made of:
- Cheese layered with nori.
- Cheese as eggs.
- Sausage cut into tiny strips as sausages.

The flower is made of:
- Sausage dipped in turmeric powder diluted with water, and pink kamaboko.

The cake is made of:
- Tamago and sausage.

The orange is made of:
- Carrots (I found them round just like that) and edamame pinned together with pasta.

The kiwi is made of:
- Sausage, a slice of mini cucumber and sesame seeds.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Lunch At Mc D's

I found the idea of a mini hamburger made from sausage from a bento magazine by Maki Ogawa and decided I had to make it because I know it would amused my daughter. While doing more research for this bento, I stumbled upon a post by Bento, Monsters (I think I have copied her ideas a few times before. Stalker much, LOL!) who actually had done it! So credits have to go to these two bento artists :D 

The mini hamburger is made of:
- Sausage
- Cheese
- Salami
- Salad

The fries is made of:
- Sausage cut into mini strips and coloured with a bit of diluted yellow food-dye
- The package is made from waxed cupcake liner (see picture below)

The milk shake is made of:
- Sausage cut into a small piece and wrapped with the same cupcake liner
- A straw cut short

Check out Maki Ogawa and Bento, Monsters' websites; I drool at every single of their creations >.<

Thursday, September 20, 2012

3D-Carrot Flower Tutorial

I learned how to do this from one of the Japanese bento magazines I have, but I cannot recall which one. Thus the steps below are all from memory >.<

You need a flower cutter, a sharp knife, and a carrot medal (about 1/3 inch thick). Using raw carrot will give you a nicely defined flower, however I have found that carrots which are too hard or too soft make cutting more difficult. Slightly soft carrots are the best.

STEP 1: Use the cutter to make a flower.

STEP 2: Cut lines from the centre of the flower to all five inner groves of the petals. The dots pictured below show where the five cuts are supposed to be.

Cut about half way down. (Do not cut all the way through.)

This is how the carrot looks like from the top after making the five cuts.

STEP 3: Place the knife so that it is in the middle of one petal and align it about 45 degrees slanting to the right. Start cutting towards the left inner grove of the petal. This may be a bit difficult. 

This is how it looks like from the top after step 3.

This is how it looks like from the side after step 3. Notice the bit to be taken away shapes like a triangle.

STEP 4: Do step 3 to the other four petals. Take away the unwanted bits.

If I have explained the steps clearly, you will then get your 3D-carrot flower!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


One of the Japanese food which I have fallen in love with is umeboshi, a.k.a. pickled plum. It is really sour, and gives you one heck of a shiver as soon as it touches your taste buds. However, when eaten with rice, it is surprisingly yummy! The umeboshi and shiso (perilla leaves) sushi served in many restaurants here is heavenly :D

180912 Inspiration from a magazine by Karenmama

Sunday, September 16, 2012

I love you, Teddy!

Inspiration for this bento comes from two of my most favourite bento artists (They are truly creatively talented!), Ming of Bento, Monsters and Harupopopo @ IG who inspired my Soboro Girl bento.


Brown bear is made of:
- Brown rice mixed with some sweet soy sauce
- Cheese and nori cuts for the details
- Cranberry pellets for the pink cheeks

Teddy is made of:
- Carrot cuts
- Cheese and nori cuts for details

Tuesday, September 11, 2012



I love daisies. Enough said. (Although when I experienced the sakura season here in Japan for the first time, I thought about switching from daisy to sakura.)

My love for you will never stop growing 

I bought several Japanese bento magazines, and I copied the idea for this bento right off the page. Although I cannot read Japanese, I could spend hours engrossed in them.