Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Girly Not-So-Angry Bird

I've seen so many others do Angry Birds, I finally caved in and hopped in the bandwagon. This particular one done by Creative Food is the one which most inspired me and pushed me into that wagon :D


The most flirtatious-looking bird I have ever seen.

Girly-Not-So-Angry Bird is made of:
- A piece of bread cut into a circle.
- A piece of cheese slice for the whole body, eyes, eyelashes, brows and cheeks.
- Red parts are colored using red food coloring, and black parts using a black food marker.
- The pink cheeks are Strawberry Fluff dabbed onto the cheese.
- A tiny piece of carrot for the beak.
- Some pineapples for the bow.
- Raisins for the tail.
- The sling is made of some chocolate sticks/biscuits, and the leftover cheese from the body.

I usually google the picture of the character I want to make on my iPhone, and my iPhone would be right there next to me throughout the process. Here is the one I referred to for this :)


  1. Oh I love this!!! John LOVES Angry Birds and has had a LOT of them in his lunches this year but I've never done the girl. I love the raisin tail & pineapple bow :)

    1. Thank you Karen for being the first person to comment LOL!! I am so new to this :) My daughter plays the game only sometimes, but I see it being done a lot by other moms, I caved in and hopped into the bandwagon :D

  2. I LOVE it!! You did such an amazing job!!! :) I'm honored you found inspiration from mine!!! :) And p.s You cannot tell you are new to this-- this looks amazing! :)

    1. Oh wow!! I got a comment from the person who inspired me..amazing!! :D Thank you so much… *so happy*

    2. *blushing* awww thank you! You have incredible talent, so it is me who is inspired! :)