Sunday, June 17, 2012

Always Be My Baby

My daughter claims that she loves surprises, and she had been wanting for her birthday to arrive for months. She kept asking "Is my birthday here yet?" even on that very day, but I couldn't tell her because the plan was for the hubby to bring her out for a walk later that morning, while I did some decorating in the house. I tell you, having a 50 sqm. home and having your kid with you 24-7, made it VERY HARD to keep the preparations a secret; she noticed a box (which was her present) in the cabinet, she found the packet of birthday horns in my bag, and she was with me when I bought the  streamers. I made her a birthday breakfast and I also had a sketch all drawn for a birthday lunch, but we ended up going out. I still want to materialize the birthday lunch, belated it may be :D


Marshmallow fondant, rainbow-layered, Hello Kitty cake. I was extremely nervous about this as I have only baked a birthday cake once before (for the hubby a few months ago, which looked like a normal cheese cake with candles), let alone a fondant cake. This didn't look like the way I envisioned it, but this was the best I could do considering all factors :D

The blue and purple didn't turn out right. I suspect it was because I was using natural food colorings.

*You will always be my Baby, no matter how old you are :') *

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