Friday, November 9, 2012

What's black and white, and green and yellow and pink and red and blue?

I am excited to announce that I may have discovered a new bento technique! I was tracing Marty on the parchment paper, my usual technique, which I would later use as a guide to cut nori and shape rice. I was looking at and sighing over all the stripes and the microscopic detailing, and thinking how I would enjoy the work later (not!). I had a white paper on the table, and as I was putting the sketch on it, Marty suddenly came alive. It then occurred to me that I may be able to skip that fun, nori-constructing work after all. 

091112 And, it was a success!
The sketch laid on top of the rice.
Anybody got the number to the Patent & Trademark Office? Or the Guinness World Records? Or at least Wikipedia? LOL! ;P

Marty is made of:
- A sketch of Marty on parchment paper.
- A layer of rice.
- Chopped long green bean, red and yellow peppers, denbu and blue-colored rice.

The clown egg is made of:
- Boiled egg with circular shapes dug out using a mini circle cutter. 
- Red and yellow peppers, denbu and blue-colored egg bits.


  1. This is so much fun and gorgeous!!! "Afro Circus Afro Circus," a complete party lunch, and a new technique!! You're Brilliant Daisy!!

    1. Thank you Keisha!!! :D The sketch on parchment paper saved me tons of time! LOL!

  2. Love love love! The colours are awesome!

    1. Thank you so much! :D Love using peppers to add colour to bentos!