Thursday, January 31, 2013

It's Official

So we are leaving Japan for good in a couple of months and going back to Brunei. Our stuff will be shipped via sea freight, and I want to pack bit by bit starting now so that I don't get frustrated later on. Guess what were the first things that I decided to pack last Sunday? All my bento boxes, tools and stuff. Therefore, my sabbatical is hereby official. From making charaben, at least. I predict I may not be able to completely stop myself, and will need to vent out some creativity every now and then, so hopefully I'll have the time to do simple food art, MTMs and as such.

I've been looking for natural food colouring in liquid form and finally found them at a new store in Lalaport Toyosu. Bringing them back for my bento adventures in Brunei.
Speaking of food art, check out Ida Frosk who makes super adorable, healthy breakfast. Inspiration!

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