Friday, October 19, 2012

Haunted House

It has been a rainy week, and when it's cold and dark and rainy outside, do you know what comes out? My laziness! Haha! Who wouldn't love curling up in bed under the warm duvet and dreaming away in such weather?!? LOL! But finally took out my tools and here is today's bento. Boo! 


The haunted house is made of:
- Rice topped with soboro for the dark background. (See my previous post on Soboro.)
- Scrambled egg for the moon.
- Cheese and nori for the haunted house and all the details, and also the bat.
- Yellow and red food-safe pens for the windows and eyes.
- Japanese umeboshi (pickled plum) snack for the fence.
- Japanese fish cake for the ghost, and a drinking straw to prop it up.

The pumpkin is made of:
- Boiled pumpkin!