Monday, October 1, 2012

Pretty Peppers

Last night Tokyo was hit by a typhoon; the laundry (which I had forgotten to bring in) was ruined, the noise of the strong wind and heavy rain kept me awake for a while, and this morning I had to clean our porch from all the messiness the typhoon had caused.

However, today turned out to be such a bright sunny day. Thus it calls for a rainbow-themed bento!


The rainbow is made of:
- Purple: Japanese pickled vegetable
- Blue: Crab stick with a little bit of blue natural food-dye
- Green: Long beans
- Yellow: Pepper
- Orange: Pepper
- Red: Pepper

The sun is yellow cherry tomato, the clouds is kamaboko, and the birds are tiny bits of raisin. 

I am not a fan of green pepper, and this is the first time I really had the red, yellow and orange peppers. I was pleasantly surprised of their yummy taste, and my daughter finished hers too!


  1. The rainbow idea is amazing! so pretty!!!!!!

  2. So happy everything turned out fine for you and your family! The rainbow is simply beatiful!!

    1. Thank you Keisha, typhoon is quite common here >.< The rainbow was yummy too ;D

  3. the rainbow looks so vibrant! love it!

    1. Thank you :D Got a feeling I may remake this again in the future ;)

  4. So beautiful! I hope it's a stress reliever. Sounds like it was really rough night.

    I have convinced myself to eat peppers over time by easing into it--once you've mastered the colored ones, the green ones might appeal to you a bit more.

    1. That's the plan! :) I actually fell in love with these red, orange and yellow peppers instantly. So they are going to keep popping in my grocery list often now. Will try the green one hopefully soon.

      Thank you for stopping by!! :D