Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Here Is My Secret

Alright. Here it is. I'm letting you guys in on my secret. I'm spilling the beans. Off with the Superman cape. Haha ;D

I have mentioned a few times that I get my inspirations from bento magazines. Indeed they are one of my precious bento 'gears'. I get (a.k.a. steal, LOL!) a lot of ideas and acquired many bento skills from the pages of these magazines. I ADORE them and could spend a good few hours looking through them over and over again ;)

My collection so far >.<
Step-by-step guide
Step-by-step guide and the final bento
Anpanman bento step-by-step guide
My Anpanman bento from following the guide
A Chef bento
My version of the Chef bento

I have eight by Akinoichigo  
This is one of the latest one I bought. It came with free Hello Kitty rice mould and nori puncher!!
You know what they say. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery :D


  1. Haha Daisy, I can stare at a flying manual for a million years and never get off the ground!! Lol! You take the works of the world's best bento crafters and bring them to life with your own special flavor...put the cape back on! ^-^

    1. Keisha! Thank you for your sweet sweet words! Always! :D Your comments make my day, each and every time! <3

  2. Me too! I have a stash of bento books and magazines, many of them is within your bundle too! they are amazing tools for bento making. Yeay!

    1. High-5 Shirley! Lol! Is it easy to find them at your place? I fear the time when I finally leave Japan, and won't have access to the stores which sell them :(

  3. You make wonderful creations with them, your bento interpretation of the books it's always amazing.

    Are the pictures difficult to follow? I'd like to buy some of them but I am afraid I don't understand anything...

    1. Mayumi, I swear I don't know how to read Japanese! The magazines have lots of pictures which speak for themselves. Try getting your hands on one. But I warn you, like me, you may get addicted to collect them all! LOL!

  4. I wish I had a collection like this!

    But I am hoping to make an English bento tutorial magazine :)

    So keep your eyes peeled :p

    1. Wow, how exciting!! I cannot wait :D I love Japanese bento magazines; if only I could understand them, and they are easily available, and I could do with a cheaper price too. LOL.