Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I'm Crazy Pooh You, Hunny!

I'm not a big fan of pancakes, so I rarely make it. HOWEVER, sometime last year we discovered Bills restaurant (in Decks, Odaiba) and I swear in the name of Winnie the Pooh, they serve the BEST (<-- in bold and underlined for ultimate emphasis) pancake!! Ever!! 


This bento consists of:
- Rice mixed with turmeric powder to make Winnie, and crab stick for his shirt.
- Pancakes for the tree trunk and broccoli for the leaves.
- Pancakes for the beehive as well as the honey pot.
- Tamagoyaki for the bee, with crab stick for the wings and nori details.


  1. Thank you Amanda! My daughter thought so too :)

  2. That's an amazing bento! So well crafted!

    1. Thank you Keith!! I was glad Winnie turned out looking like Winnie :)