Friday, October 5, 2012

Play With Your Food

My 4-year-3-month old has learnt how to play Tic Tac Toe from my husband since a couple of months ago. She plays it while we wait for our orders, or whenever we want her to stay at one place instead of running and jumping around especially in crowded places. She loves this bento and we played a few (like 8-10) rounds before she started eating her food. Final score: Daddy - 8, Aleesya - 146. However the winner is Mommy for making a bento which daughter loves :D


P/s: Apologies for posting too many pictures; this bento is a special one ;)


  1. Haha love the box here as well! Your little one is as clever as mommy I see! Well done for another amazing post!

    1. Thank you (again for the 478th time LOL!) Keisha! Hope she grows up to be much cleverer than me ;)